A downloadable Super Domino Effect 3D for Windows

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Super Domino Effect 3D is the latest Domino Effect simulator!

Your only goal is to create incredible, compelling and endless chain effects, using domino bricks, slides, platforms, "animated" toys and everything your imagination suggests. 

If you make a mistake, and a brick fall triggering the chain effect before you have finished, do not despair: press TAB and you'll go back in time, so you can continue your creation! 

There are 4 different Scenario :

- The Kids Room

- The Garage

- The Gym

- The Neighborhood

And 30+ bricks, toys and machine you can use to create your domino effect plus 10 different dynamic cameras to watch (and re-watch) your creation fall  !!

You can also share your creation and download others users crations !

In development: 

- New toys, objects and machine

- Multiplayer: play with your friends and build dominos chain altogheter

What are you waiting for ? 

Create your Domino Effect now!

Watch the trailer


Movements W,A,S,D
RunLeft Shift + W
Fire1 (Left mouse button)Place object
Fire2 (Right mouse button)Change color
Fire3 (center mouse button)Push Brick (start chain effect)
(You can also push brick moving Player against them)

DeleteDestroy object (only when "delete" selector is selected)
Mouse wheelRotate object before placing
Left control + mouse wheelMove Up/Down ghost object
Left Shift + mouse wheelMove near/far ghost object
TABFlashback (back to 10 seconds before)
CChange Camera either during gameplay and during domino effect 
F1Open Inventory objects
F2Open Load / Save window
F10Open Settings window


Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$3.90 $1.95 USD or more

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